The Oxford Handbook of English Law and Literature 1500-1700

Jacqueline Baker at Oxford University Press has commissioned Bradin Cormack (Princeton) and Lorna Hutson (St Andrews) to edit The Oxford Handbook of English Law and Literature, 1500-1700.

The editors have approached over forty scholars from Departments of Law, History and Literature, to write essays on the productive encounter between law and literature in the periods 1500-1625 and 1625-1700.

Completed essays should be 8000 words long. The deadline for completed essays in draft form is February 1, 2015, and deadline for essays in their final, polished form is July 1, 2015.

Conferences are planned for April (Princeton) and May (St Andrews) 2015.

These webpages and this blog have been set up to help keep contributors up-to-date and informed, and to enable them to communicate with others if they wish.

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